OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w

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Test of horticultural LED lamp:

Consumption: 620 watts
HPS equivalent:1000 watts
Growth:150 x 150cm
Flowering: 120 x 120cm
Warranty: 5 années

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845.58 578.28

Best deal to: opticledgrowlights.comopticledgrowlights.com
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SKU: OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w
Last updated on 18 July 2019 9 h 34 min
OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w
OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w

845.58 578.28


The American manufacturer OPTIC LED GROW LIGHTS market this lighting for horticulture. This is an LED panel composed of 6 COBs brand CREE (XLAMP CXB2540) associated with 96 LEDs of 3 watts each and brand OSRAM. But in addition, the brand integrates MEANWELL drivers (the best of the market). So, this lamp will offer you a full spectrum of light (full spectrum) including infrared and ultra violet. So you can as well use this panel during cycles of germination, growth, cuttings. But also for the phase of flowering of your plants in indoor cultivation, and the light spectrum is simply adjustable with 3 independent dimmers.

The model of OPTIC 6 COBs panel has a real electricity consumption of 605 watts. But it allows to replace a HPS bulb with a power equivalent to 1000w. It is recommended to use this lamp for a growing area of 150 x 150cm in growth phase, and of 120 x 120cm in flowering cycle. Be aware that it is possible to buy this sign with optical lenses of 90 ° or 120 ° depending on the distribution angle of the light beam you want. Finally, with this model, you benefit from a manufacturer's warranty valid during 5 years.

The brand offers a complete range of horticultural LED panel: OPTIC 1 COB 3500KOPTIC 1 COB 5000K VEGOPTIC 1 XL COBOPTIC 2 COBs 5000K VEGOPTIC 2 COBs Full SpectrumOPTIC 3 COBsOPTIC 4 COBs 3000KOPTIC 4 COBs 5000KOPTIC 6 COBs 3000KOPTIC 6 COBs 5000K et OPTIC 8 + COBs

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Optic LED Grow Lights is an American brand of horticultural LED lamps. The manufacturer offers many panels to ...

User note:

More information

Technical specifications & characteristics of the horticultural LED lamp: OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions54 × 36 × 5 cm
Lamp manufacturer:


Model of lamps:

Horticultural LED panel

Actual consumption of electricity:

620 watts

Power compared to a HPS:

1000 watts

Light spectrum

Full Spectrum: growth & flowering

Color of the light spectrum:

3000k, 5000k

Composition of the lamp:

6 COB CREE Xlamp 80w + 96 LEDs Bridgelux/Epistar 5w

Adjustment of the light spectrum:


Lamp control:

remote control

Max growth area

150 x 150cm

Max flowering area

120 x 120cm

Manufacturer's warranty

5 années

OPTIC 6 COBs 3000k & 5000k UV / IR 620w Videos

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