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Consumption: 700 watts
HPS equivalent:1200 watts
Growth:125 x 200cm
Flowering: 100 x 150cm
Warranty: -

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Last updated on 17 April 2019 17 h 06 min


French manufacturer HorticoLED now sells its fourth and last generation of lighting for horticulture with the range of LED panel XMAX V4. The manufacturer guarantees better cooling and more power to get even better performance with your indoor crops. For this the brand has integrated the new high-end fans "ENERMAX Twister Pressure"Which have a life time greater than 160.000 hours.

The signs XMAX brand HorticoLED use COB LEDs (chip on board) 100% red with a wavelength of 630nm. But also LEDs of 5 watts and 3 watts with wavelengths between 400 and 460nm. As well as 2700 / 10 000k white LEDs. In the end, the light spectrum is of type Full Spectrum (germination, growth and flowering) with the following wavelengths: UV 410 nm, blue 430 and 460nm, red 630 and 660nm, Infra-red 740nm, white 2 700k, white 10 000k.

One of the main advantages of lamps HorticoLED is to be able to control and adjust the light spectrum through 3 dimmers. The model XMAX 8 V4 has a power equivalent to a HPS bulb of 1200 watts, for only 675 watts of actual consumption. It is recommended to use this sign for a growing area of 120 x 150 cm in growth period. And of 120 x 140 cm in flowering cycle. Finally, be aware that XMAX panels benefit from manufacturer's warranty for 3 years. But also that there are several versions with the panels XMAX 4 V4, XMAX 6 V4 et XMAX 8 V4.

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HorticoLED is a French LED horticultural lighting brand for hobbyists or horticultural professionals. ...


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Detailed information about: XMAX 8 V4 - HorticoLED

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions84 × 39 × 10 cm
Consumption of electricity

700 watts

Light power

1200 watts

Light spectrum

Full Spectrum: growth & flowering

Max growth area

125 x 200cm

Max flowering area

100 x 150cm

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