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Consumption: 100 watts
HPS equivalent:-
Growth:90 x 90 cm
Flowering: 60 x 60 cm
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Last updated on 16 April 2019 17 h 40 min


BionicLED market including a range of light panel "BionicPan"For horticulture from LEDs. For this the manufacturer uses CREE Brand COBs of a power of 200 watts with a full spectrum of light (full spectrum), accompanied by LEDs of 3w. The lamp can therefore both be used during the cycle of germination / growth of your plants. But also for the flowering. The light spectrum is composed of the following wavelengths: 440nm - 460nm - 470nm - 525nm - 640nm - 660nm and 730nm. The visible light is colored "White hot"(3500K).

The model BionicPan P200WC has a real consumption of 100 watts, and emits a light of a power equivalent to a light bulb HPS of 200w. It is advisable to use this panel in a culture space of 70 x 70cm in cuttings / germination, 60 x 60cm in growth, and 50 x 50cm in pahse of flowering. The manufacturer offers several versions of this panel: BionicPan P200WCBionicPan P400WCBionicPan P800WC et BionicPan P1200WC.

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BionicLED is a company specializing in online sales of horticultural LED lighting in France and Spain. BionicLED .


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Detailed information about: BIONICPAN P200WC

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × 9 cm
Consumption of electricity

100 watts

Light spectrum

Full Spectrum: growth & flowering

Max growth area

90 x 90 cm

Max flowering area

60 x 60 cm

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